Aims and Objectives of the Foundation

The aims and objectives of the foundation as provided in the Constitution of the organization and Memorandum of Incorporation are:

  1. To act as legislative and electoral process consultants, organize enlightenment programmes and educate Nigerian citizens on their civic rights and responsibilities under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  2. To advocate and organize enlightenment programmes for the purpose of promoting harmonious and peaceful co-existence amongst the divers ethnic nationalities and social classes in Nigeria.
  3. To provide care and support to widows and elderly citizens in the society.
  4. To encourage, support, care for and embark on rehabilitation programmes for street children and generally promote the rights of the child.
  5. To award scholarships to girls, boys and young women for secondary and tertiary education.

Power of the Foundation

Under the Constitution, the Foundation has powers to: –

  1. Raise money in such manner as the Foundation may dim fit.
  2. Purchase or otherwise acquire assets like buildings, offices, machineries, tools and other implements and any such other movable or immovable assets that the Executive Council may deem necessary or convenient to acquire for the purposes of the Foundation.
  3. Print or publish any journals, periodicals, books or leaflets that the Foundation may think desirable for the promotion of its object.
  4. Set up any Committee to tackle any issue as it deems fit from time to time.
  5. Impose disciplinary measure that is considered appropriate by the Executive Council after due consideration, on any individual member, any member branch or chapter that is in breach of the provisions of the Foundation’s Constitution.
  6. Withdraw the status of any member branch or chapter that is in breach of the provisions of the Constitution of Mofeus Foundation after due consideration.