The idea of a non-governmental organization for education and enlightenment programmes on civil rights and responsibilities, harmonious and peaceful coexistence, rights of the child and care for vulnerable widows and aged, was conceived by Dr. Momodu Kassim-Momodu, a Nigerian Lawyer in 2012. He prepared a draft constitution for the organization of his dream and discussed this idea and the constitution with two friends, Mr. Festus Asemota, a human resources professional and business man, and Col. Gary Usman, a retired army officer and security consultant. The three friends jointly coined the name of the organization and agreed to invite more Nigerian nationals to join as members of the non-profit civil society organization.

The Constitution of Mofeus Foundation was adopted by its members on the 1st day of December 2012 and the first appointed trustees of the Foundation who were appointed soon after the adoption of the Constitution are Dr. Momodu Kassim-Momodu, Mr. Festus Asemota and Col. Garry Usman, Rtd. The Foundation was registered as a corporate body by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria on the 17th day of January 2013.


Dr. Momodu Kassim-Momodu
Director Administration and Finance
Mr. Frank Olu Akharume
Director Operations
Mr. Gabriel S. Nnamani
Secretary & Legal Adviser
Mr. Muhammed Musa
Manager Administration & Finance
Miss Chinenye Okezie
Manager Public Affairs
Miss Tracy Linda Franklin